The correct position on a bike

Before we sit on the bike saddle and set off to conquer forest roads and parks, let’s see if we are definitely riding the right position on the bike. Why you may ask – because in this way we will take care of our health. Incorrect position on the bike will not change anything after one ride certainly, but after thousands of kilometres travelled it can result in injuries. Remember that the correct position on an MTB bike will be different from that on a city bike, which has a different specificity and configuration.

The correct position on a mountain bike

The following things will affect the ability to take the correct position on the bike:

  • saddle height and inclination
  • the distance of the saddle from the steering wheel
  • handlebar height
  • the angle between back and shoulders.

In the case of MTB mountain bikes, the cyclist’s back should be strongly inclined, i.e. the handlebar should be set low and the saddle higher than it. Of course, we can not overdo it – the steering wheel setting should not cause us pain or discomfort. When setting the saddle, it’s easiest to follow your own feelings. Pain in the front of the knees means that we’ve set the saddle too low. Pain in the back of the knees means the saddle is too high. The correct position on a mountain bike is one in which the cyclist experiences the least air resistance.

The correct position on a city bike

City bikes are very popular. They are a good vehicle for ecological commuting and allow for relaxing casual driving. The correct position on a city bike is upright or almost upright (such that we feel comfortable).

The steering wheel should be higher than the saddle. The cyclist’s body weight is transferred to the rear of the bicycle, not to the front (arms/torso). After straightening, the cyclist’s legs should lightly touch the ground, but you cannot overdo it. When driving, the knees should not be too high, because after driving this way for a long time we can get injured.

Optimal position on the bike
Optimal position on the bike

What gives us the correct position on the bike?

Safety first. After all, protecting yourself is not just wearing a bicycle helmet. If we drive in the correct position, we are less exposed to injuries. Also, it is easier for us to balance and we do not get tired so quickly. The correct position on the bike also results in less air resistance, so we just ride faster. This is important for professional cyclists who care about the results during the races.

The effects of an incorrect position on the bike are:

  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • knee pain
  • back pain
  • faster fatigue while driving,

A good position on the bike helps to avoid these unpleasant effects and simply increases the pleasure of the physical activity. If we want to use what cycling gives, then we should pay attention to the ergonomic posture of the body. The importance of matching individual bicycle components to our requirements and position is demonstrated by the fact that professional cyclists have custom-made bicycles.

Currently, the service is also a popular bike the fitting, which is a professional fitting position on the bike. Therefore, the above tips can be treated as the basis for the correct position on the bike, but remember that everyone has their own individual tastes and physical predispositions.