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Here is a list of bicycle collecting related sites. If you would like to recommend additional links, please e-mail us at All-star sites are listed first. You may scroll down to browse, or click below to move ahead to other categories:

Commercial Sites      Bicycle Museums      Historical Info      Personal Sites      Miscellaneous

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Schwinn Cycling & Fitness provides 3 forums where you can read questions & answers about bicycle collecting & restoration. You may also post your own questions to other collectors out on the web.
      Schwinn Collector's Forum Questions & answers about antique bicycles
      Schwinn Restoration Forum Questions & answers about restoring antique bicycles
      Schwinn Buy, Sell, & Trade Forum Swap parts or complete bicycles

Menotomy Vintage Bicycles sells vintage bicycles, parts, literature, & more. They have a great site with lots of useful information:
      Vintage Bicycle Discussion Area
      Vintage Bicycle Picture Database
      Vintage Tire & Rim Chart
      Vintage Bicycle Glossary

The Classic & Antique Bicycle Exchange (CABE) is the online version of America's most widely circulated newsletter for vintage bicycle collectors.

Articles About Old Bicycles & Parts courtesy of Sheldon "Mouldy Oldie" Brown
Good information about all sorts of bikes & parts.

Commercial Sites

eBay! eBay Bicycles are listed under "Sporting Goods : Bicycles". Use the search tool to find the brand you are looking for.

Vintage Velos traders of vintage European racing bicycles & parts

Bicycle Classics vintage Campognolo specialists

BikeIcons sells classic antique vintage bicycles & NOS (New Original Stock) parts. Be sure to check out their Collector Forum & Collector Links.

Maple Island Sales aftermarket & N.O.S. parts for vintage bicycles

John Brogan Restoration Services specializes in John Deere bicycles which they buy, sell, & trade.

The Bicycle Trader Online version of the "Buy, Sell & Trade Forum" for bicycling related goods & services (not vintage bicycle specifc).

Vintage Schwinn Bike Stop Buys, sells, & trades Schwinn built bikes.

Classic Bicycle Rendezvous Lightweight vintage bicycles from the Turn of the Century to the Early 1980's.

Memory Lane Classics Buys, sells, & trades Schwinn built bikes.

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycleworks Company Bikes, catalogs & advertisements

Bikesurfer's Classic Bike Page Always buying, Always selling

David's Antique Bicycles Specializing in restoring antique & classic bikes. They also buy, sell, & trade.

Bicycle Heaven Antique & Collectible Bicycles, Parts & Repairs for Stingrays, Schwinns, & Muscle Bikes.

Nostalgic.Net Antique & Classic Bicycles Before 1965.

First Flight Bicycles Antique Bikes & Parts Bikes & parts for sale plus lots of photos & information

Coker Tire - Your Vintage Tire Source

CyclArt Specialists in bicycle painting, decals & saddle rebuilding All kinds of tricycle-related information

Vintage & Collector Bicycle Parts Lots of New Old Stock parts.

Bicycle Museums

Bicycle Museum of America Located in New Bremen, Ohio (about 60 miles north of Dayton). Check out the photos of their bikes, which date from 1870 to 1968. My favorite is the 1949 Donald Duck by the Shelby Cycle Company.

Canberra Bicycle Museum Located in Canberra, Australia. Their collection includes 720 cycles, including some Asian models.

Metz Bicycle Museum Located in Freehold, New Jersey.

Pedaling History Bicycle Museum An interesting museum near Buffalo, New York.

Runcorn Cycle Museum
Located in Runcorn, England & opened by Her Majesty the Queen in July of 1998.

Three Oaks Bicycle Museum
Located in Three Oaks, Michigan (home of the Apple Cider Century).

VELORAMA National Bicycle Museum
Located in Holland

Historical Information

Cycling History 1839 - 1939 courtesy of Cambie Cycles
Historical info & images from a 1940s promotional campaign in England.

History of Recumbents
Brief but informative page.

The Wonderul Old Whizzer Motorbike
Information & photos of the Whizzer motorbike.

Whizzer Bikes Old & New
Lots of great pictures.

Whizzer Sportsman

Columbia History at a Glance courtesy of Columbia Manufacturing, Inc.
Features a quick history of Columbia bicycles, beginning with Colonel Albert Pope's founding of the American bicycle industry.

Schwinn Heritage Covers the history of this company all the way back to 1895. Check out their Timeline for a snapshot view.

History of Whizzer courtesy of Jack Backstreet
Features information on the Whizzer, the most significant motorized bicycle ever built.

Tony Hadland's Website Features information on Moulton Bicycles, Sturmey-Archer Gears, Folding Cycles & Derailleur History

The Original Hetchins Web Site Everything you could want to know about these lightweght English Bicycles

Uncle Dave's Guide to Six Day Racing

Militray Human Powered Vehicle History
Synopsis of bicycle use by armed forces of the world beginning with the Franco-Prussian War in 1870.

Japanese Bicycle History Research Club

Historic Cycle Club of Sweden

National Bicycle History Archive of America Identification & restoration advice on classic bicycles, especially American bicycles from 1920-1965

Bicycles Original Magazine Art 1880-1960 They have 1 million magazine ads, articles & covers foreign & domestic magazines.

Velo-Retro Offers reproductions of vintage catalogs for sale. Also has a timeline of Campagnolo history.

Retro Raleigh Includes brief history of the company & information on dating Raleighs

BSA Airborne Bicycle A British made bicycle used in World War II

Major Taylor Humanitarian Association features information on Major Taylor, 1899 World Champion bicycle racer. Taylor was one of the first Afro-American world champions.

Personal Sites

Bob Pavao's Antique Bicycle Page Features several photos from Bob's collection, which dates from 1935-50.

Bunch "O" Bikes Features several photos plus some good restoration tips.

Pryor Dodge Collection Features a few photos from Pryor's collection, plus link to another web site with several more. Pryor Dodge is a well-known author of several books on bicycle history & collecting.

Chopper City, U.S.A.! & Chopper City, U.K.! Features Raleigh Chopper photos & links.

Hyper-Formance Rays Stingray bikes, parts, & accessories for sale.

Stingray Universe Excellent resource! Info on Stingray dates, colors, models, & serial number guide.

Dave's Vintage Bicycle Page Photo gallery, links, stuff for sale & looking for stuff.

Thom's Vintage Bicycle Page Photos, links, some bikes for sale.

Mike & Tom's Vintage Bike Buttons


The Wheelmen Club for those who ride & restore bicycles from the 1880's & 1890's

Central Ohio Antique & Custom Bicycle Club

Ohio Classic Bicycle Club

Vintage Bicycle Club of Texas

Ann Arbor/Saline Classic Bike Show

Steve Malone's Bicycle-Related Collections includes beer cans, metal figures, stamps, & playing cards with bicycle themes.

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