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Here are links to climbing gyms throughout the United States. To report a broken link or request a link, please E-mail us at We'll gladly add a link to any climbing gym that links to our Main page or our Climbing page .

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diamond Alabama diamond

red ball Alabama Outdoors (Birmingham & Northport)

diamond Arkansas diamond

red ball Little Rock Climbing Center

diamond Arizona diamond

red ball Phoenix Rock Gym

diamond California diamond

red ball Planite Graniite (Belmont & Santa Barbara)

diamond Colorado diamond

red ball Paradise Rock Gym (Denver)

diamond Connecticut diamond

red ball Prime Climb (Wallingford)

diamond Delaware diamond

red ball Dover Indoor Climbing Gym

diamond Florida diamond

red ball Vertical Ventures Indoor Climbing Gym (Tampa)

diamond Georgia diamond

red ball Atlanta Rocks
red ball Escalade Rock Climbing Gym (Kennesaw)

diamond Idaho diamond

red ball Nampa Recreation Center

diamond Illinois diamond

red ball Upper Limits (Bloomington)

diamond Indiana diamond

red ball Climb Time (Indianapolis)

diamond Iowa diamond

red ball Vertical Extremes Rock Gym (Cedar Rapids)
red ball Wallnut Creek Mountaineering (Kelly)

diamond Kentucky diamond

red ball RockSport Climbing Center (Louisville)

diamond Louisiana diamond

red ball Rok Haus (Lafayette)

diamond Maine diamond

red ball Big Adventure Center Rock Climbing Gym (Bethel)

diamond Maryland diamond

red ball Sportrock (Rockville)

diamond Massachusetts diamond

red ball Mill City Rock Gym

diamond Michigan diamond

red ball Planet Rock Climbing Gym (Ann Arbor & Pontiac)

diamond Minnesota diamond

red ball Prairie Walls Climbing Gym (Rochester)

diamond Missouri diamond

red ball Petra Rock Climbing Gym (Springfield)
red ball Upper Limits (St. Louis)

diamond Montana diamond

red ball Missoula Rock Garden

diamond Nevada diamond

red ball RockSport Indoor Climbing Center (Reno)

diamond New Hampshire diamond

red ball Boulder Morty's Indoor Rock Climbing Gym (Nashua)

diamond New Jersey diamond

red ball New Jersey Rock Gym (Fairfield)

diamond New Mexico diamond

red ball Stone Age Climbing Gym (Albuquerque)

diamond New York diamond

red ball The Cliffs at Valhalla
red ball Niagra Climbing Center
red ball The Rock Club (New Rochelle)

diamond North Carolina diamond

red ball Inner Peaks (Charlotte)

diamond North Dakota diamond

red ball Northern Heights Rock Gym (Grand Forks)

diamond Ohio diamond

red ball Urban Krag Climbing Center (Dayton)
red ball Vertical Adventures Rock Climbing Gym (Columbus)

diamond Oklahoma diamond

red ball New Heights Rock Gym (Tulsa)
red ball OKC Rocks (Arcadia)

diamond Oregon diamond

red ball Portland Rock Gym

diamond Pennsylvania diamond

red ball Vertical Extreme Rock Gym

diamond Rhode Island diamond

red ball Rhode Island Rock Gym (Lincoln)

diamond South Carolina diamond

red ball Rocks & Ropes & Boats (Greenville)

diamond Tennessee diamond

red ball Climb Nashville
red ball Cool Springs Climbing Center
red ball Tennessee Bouldering Authority (Chattanooga)

diamond Texas diamond

red ball Dyno-Rock Indoor Climbing Gym (Arlington)
red ball Stone Works Climbing Gym (Carrollton)

diamond Utah diamond

red ball The Front Climbing Club (Salt Lake City)
red ball Rockreation (Salt Lake City)

diamond Vermont diamond

red ball The Wall Climbing & Cafe (Quechee)

diamond Virginia diamond

red ball Peak Experiences (Richmond)

diamond Washington diamond

red ball Wild Walls (Spokane)

diamond Wisconsin diamond

red ball Boulders Climbing Gym (Madison)

flag Australia flag

red ball Cliffhanger Climbing Gym (Altona North)

flag Canada flag

red ball The Boiler Room Climbing Gym (Kingston)

flag Ireland flag

red ball Westwood Club (Dublin)

flag New Zealand flag

red ball Hang Dog (Lower Hutt)

flag United Kingdom flag

red ball The Rock Face (Birmingham)

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Climbing Christmas Ornaments
Indy's Finest Bicycle Shop
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