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This site is a comprehensive index of links to windurfing clubs worldwide. USA clubs are listed first, indexed by state. International clubs follow, indexed by country.

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diamond California diamond

red ball Cal Sailing Club (Berkley)
red ball Rio Vista Windsurfing Association
red ball San Francisco Boardsailing Association

diamond Florida diamond

red ball Hogtown Board Sailors Club (Gainesville)
red ball Jacksonville Associated Windsurfers (JAWS)
red ball Shell Point Sailboard Club
red ball South Florida Windsurfing Association (Miami)

diamond Georgia diamond

red ball Atlanta Boardsailing Club

diamond Illinois diamond

red ball Evanston Windsurfing

diamond Maryland diamond

red ball Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association (BABA)

diamond Massachusetts diamond

red ball Cape Cod Windsurfing Association

diamond Michigan diamond

red ball Grosse Pointe Windsurfing Club

diamond Nebraska diamond

red ball Nebraska Windsurfing

diamond New Jersey diamond

red ball New Jersey Windsurfing & Watersports Association

diamond New York diamond

red ball Adirondack Boardsailing Club

diamond North Carolina diamond

red ball International Boardsailing Club of Charlotte
red ball Triangle Boardsailing Club(Raleigh)

diamond Texas diamond

red ball Austin Windsurf Club
red ball Corpus Christi Windsurfing Club
red ball North Texas Wind Rivers (Dallas)

diamond Utah diamond

red ball Utah Windriders Association

diamond Virginia diamond

red ball Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater (WET)

diamond Washington diamond

red ball Seattle Women's Windsurfing Club

flag Australia flag

red ball Geraldton Windsurfing Club

flag Canada flag

red ball Northern Alberta Windsurfing Association
red ball Toronto Windsurfing Club

flag Hungary flag

red ball Badacsonytomaj Windsurf Sports Club

flag New Zealand flag

red ball Wellington Windsurfers

flag United Kingdom flag

red ball Bristol Nomads Windsurfing Club
red ball Hicking Windsurfing Club
red ball Imperial College Windsurfing
red ball Ocean Motion Windsurfing Club
red ball Ricky Windsurfing Club (London)
red ball University of Wales Cardiff Windsurfing Club
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